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Sometime this month marks the fifth birthday—or “novayahren,” the term for a Colonial birthday according to Richard Hatch’s Original Series continuation novels—of the Battlestar Wiki.

To be honest, I’m not sure of the exact date, simply because I had never imagined that this site would take off and thus that bit of minutiae was of no interest to me. As familiar as I was with the Internet at the time, I knew the fickle nature of fandom participants and found myself skeptical of “community driven” websites like Wikipedia. “Social networking” was not even a phrase, as far as I knew, and sites like Twitter and Facebook simply didn’t exist in the social consciousness. Further, I never suspected that a show with the ridiculous name Battlestar Galactica would ever last beyond the first season, particularly when you “re-imagine” the concept and the fact that television science fiction changed and became more serious.

Science fiction fans of that time were no stranger to “reboots.” Lost in Space was “re-imagined” and that was a failure on multiple levels—and the John Woo television pilot is so horrendous that, from what I’ve been told personally, CBS would rather burn the film than ever see it released. (The only good thing to come out of that pilot? You know the sets for battlestar Pegasus? Yep. Those were from Woo’s “re-imagined” Lost in Space.) In fact, science fiction in general was in a rut, possibly as a result of the vagaries of reality and television. The Star Wars prequels were mostly horrible, Star Trek was dying its slow death, and the best that science fiction had to offer were shows like The X-Files and Babylon 5, both heralding a change (with Deep Space Nine)—a break from “childish science fiction” and into the realm of “adult science fiction” that tackled religion, corruption, social problems, politics, and war in a gritty way.

Keeping all this in mind, also keep in mind that I “grew up” on re-runs of the original 1978 series and its horrendous spin-off, Galactica 1980, during my years in high-school back in the late 1990s. That interest, and Richard Hatch’s efforts for a continuation of the original series, sparked a precursor for Battlestar Wiki, and I called that the Battlestar Galactica InfoSphere. The term “infosphere” had been derived from Richard’s books. It became reasonably well-trafficed, thanks to the help of my friend and Galactican inspiration Michael Faries, the previous operator of and I was, in a way, a member of the original online BSG community… a community that became polarized when Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer’s continuation effort was adversely affected by the events of September 11th and David Eick entered the fold with the otherwise dreaded Bonnie Hammer. If you know the story, Eick found some bloke named Ron Moore and Moore tackled the story and subject matter, becoming the creative force for the show with the likes of Harvey Frand and numerous other people who you can find out about on the Wiki.

And with all the furor, bile and disgusting drama proliferated online, I had decided that I had more than my fill. So sometime in 2002 I closed down the InfoSphere and, sometime later, I had closed down the PDF-published news magazine, that was called The Galactican.

As a science fiction fan, I watched this thing that masqueraded as Battlestar Galactica featuring the following dramatis personae whom hailed from the Island of Misfit Characters: a Latino Commander Adama whose whiny British bloke of a bastard son hated him; a drunk Colonel Tigh whose wife is a whore; an intelligent, suave, snake-like sex fiend named Baltar who betrayed humanity for a blonde supermodel femme-bot; a Cylon chick that literally frakked humanity into extinction and uttered such trite and corny lines like “you make me so hot”; a “Starbuck” who swore, played cards and acted like a man with breasts; and a battlestar that appeared to be a hybridization of a ribbed prophylactic and an alligator with skis.

And on both the eve of and upon my birthday in 2003, I watched this impostor take the stage.

I have to be honest, I hated it. In fact, I distinctly recall being pissed off and saw it as a glorified rip-off of Wing Commander mixed with Blade Runner, 2001, and Space: Above and Beyond and thrown into the purée machine with Glen Larson’s cheese fest.

It wasn’t until late 2004 to the beginning of 2005 when I watched BSG‘s first season. I saw “33.” My opinion had changed. I started liking this show. I continued watching, as I had downloaded all the episodes from the Internet, for they had already aired in the United Kingdom.

By the end of the first season, I was comfortable with knowing that the Cylons were created by man, that Tigh was a man who had lost his purpose but regained it, and that Starbuck was not Dirk Benedict. I was fine with that, because the show did what good science fiction does: holds us up to a mirror and asks us to look at ourselves. It wasn’t post 1987 spandex Star Trek, where they spoon-fed you technobabble, political correctness, and morality plays (“No, don’t be bad to the aliens just because they’re different. Bad 20th century human, bad.”), but it was beautiful in its own right.

This is how I regained my love of Battlestar Galactica and set out to merge that with my webmastering techniques, which were rusty, and my love of collecting worthless bits of information and figuring out how they all connected together. So I begat the seedling of this leviathan, without any preconceived notion that this re-imagined show would last four seasons and spawn a prequel spin-off… No more than I knew that this site would be built by a community of talented people who have come and gone throughout these past five years, and knowing that hundreds of thousands of people repeatedly lurk on it and use it in their geeky lives.

I am personally thankful and am indebted to countless people who have placed their time, effort, and even trust in Battlestar Wiki. I am further thankful for all the opportunities that this site has granted not only myself, but to those who have had the foresight to take advantage of them, no matter how small. I shall speak only for myself when I say that this site has brought me a marvelous opportunity, allowing me to Jump to the foreign land of Vancouver (with its glorious Canucks and the Spiked Frapp) to see the sets of one of my favorite television sagas of my time. I have met new people and was at the right place, at the right time, where I had an opportunity to learn about myself as a human being. That ended up being very painful for me, and may have cost me potential friendships in and of itself, however… Thanks to the people who put faith in the Wiki, I was able to not only help build an auction house, but was able to help in the creation and execution of auctions of pieces from one of the finest, if not controversial, shows in science fiction television history.

I’m not going to tell you that my personal experience with founding and running this website—alongside some very talented people—was and is easy. It’s not. It’s a labor of love.

I will share this with you as well. Because of this website, I was mocked and ridiculed by a few people. I shall label them “unbelievers.” These people asked why I dug into my own pocket to finance the servers, why I would waste my own time on a “television show,” and why I didn’t do what “sensible, normal people” would do.

My answer to them now is the same as it was back then: because I enjoy it. It is a hobby. Similar to what “sensible, normal people” would do… mainly get drunk, party, live beyond their means, kill living creatures for sport, and fornicate.

And for those of you who demand “proof” of this site’s worth… just talk to the fans. Talk to the people who worked on the BSG and now work on Caprica. Talk to the folks at Propworx, if you want. Hell, look at the other Wikis and websites we’ve inspired, just like the Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5 inspired me to build this website. It’s all connected, troops.

In comparison, I’m satisfied with the fact that my hobby brings harm and ill-will upon no one.  It is hard work, but a kind of work that I enjoy, even when it gets frustrating.

So consider this my Valentine’s Day declaration, should you wish to do so. To the finest fandom I’ve come to know, I wish you all a grand Valentine’s Day. Thank you for your trust and your faith.

So say we all.

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Since this was not a real priority, the blog is coming back online today. Expect to see some major design updates coming up in the near future! :-)

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Well.. it was too good to be true, but our site can not run on the Cloud/Grid server of MediaTemple, but it can run on a Dedicated Virtual without any issues. I’m in the process right now of moving the databases and files over. So expect again a little down time.

I’ll post updates back in this post as well.

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There is not that many errors, but they do exist. I just finished up getting the database structure setup so when I now create the data structure in the other sub domains (english is the only one working as of this post) so I don’t have to do any editing and I can go ahead and just do the work. This has taken longer than I though, but it turning out ok for the moment.

Images are another problem. I am looking into why none of the images are using ‘covert’. It might be just a permission error or it might not be. So please bear with me, I am now getting tired and I havn’t even gotten some other sites up an running yet. Images are back up and running. All sites will be up very shortly! :D

Any question.. post them here! :)

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Haven’t blogged in a while, but we have some changes coming up that our visitors should know about.

The first major change is that we’re moving to more cost-effective servers hosted by MediaTemple. After speaking to MediaTemple, Shane and I believe that we can save (a lot of) money doing this, without compromising performance. Believe it or not, while ads to pay for roughly 60-75% of our costs, the remaining chunk is picked up by yours truly. Given the economic situation, and my desire for the Wiki to be self sufficient, it behooves us to be more economically minded.

As a result of this move, we’ve gone ahead and locked out editing for the Wikis, so that the databases can be backed up and transferred over to the new servers. Right before the final server move, we will also lock down the database for the Forum, which will happen sometime tomorrow.

We plan on executing the moves starting Monday, December 28. The goal is to have everything back online by the 1st of the year.

The second major change is in the advertising. Battlestar Wiki has added a third “advertising area” to our website, at the top header. This will increase our ad revenue, making us more attractive to advertisers. For those of you that do not like ads, we do have our membership feature which (for $10 USD a year) you get to see the Wiki (and our Forum) without ads when logged into your user account.

Hopefully, we will also have joined Gorilla Nation by the end of January. Gorilla Nation will be providing the ads you’ll be seeing, with Google Adsense as a backup in the event that the Gorilla Nation doesn’t have ads to show to the demographics that visit the Wiki.

The third change is that our plans to expand the FrakMedia! name are moving forward. Shane has redesigned the website for the LLC, and we already have a few clients lined up. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding that over the next few weeks! :D

For any questions, please direct them to either Joe or Shane.

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Just heads up for all our visitors. Holidays are coming up and there a few periods that any of the admins are really not going to be around. During these periods expect longer than usual response back time from anyone of us.

  1. Thanksgiving – Nov. 25th through Nov. 28th
  2. Christmas (With New Years) – Dec. 23 through Jan 3rd
  3. Chanukah – Dec 12 through Dec 19th

Thanks for your understanding and happy and safe holiday season!

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Tobey Maguire Presents Tribute To Comic-Con Icon Award Recipient
And Comic Book Marvel Stan Lee

“SCREAM” Will Celebrate The Year Of The Vampire And The Phenomenal Popularity
Of The “Twilight” Saga With Cast And World Premiere Footage From
The Highly-Anticipated “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”

“True Blood” Cast And Creators Alan Ball, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård, Sam Trammell And More Will Also Be On Hand

“Battlestar Galactica” Cast Reunites For Final Farewell And A Special Tribute To Horror Legend George Romero

Two-Hour Extravaganza Premieres Tuesday, October 27 At 10 PM, ET/PT

New York, NY, October 5, 2009 – As twilight descends upon The Greek Theatre, Spike TV presents “SCREAM 2009,” an evening where galaxies collide and genres unite for the ultimate celebration of all things sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic book.  The 4th annual “SCREAM” is the first and only global event of its kind to honor and celebrate the hottest films, TV shows, comics, actors, creators, icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped these genres.   “SCREAM 2009” will tape on Saturday, October 17 in Los Angeles, CA.  The two-hour extravaganza will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT).

Spike TV is proud to partner once again with Comic-Con International, the biggest comic book and pop culture convention in the world, to present real-life super hero Stan Lee with the Comic-Con Icon Award at “SCREAM 2009.”  Lee is the creator of such legendary super-heroes as Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Iron Man and The Hulk.  “Spider-Man’s” Tobey Maguire will lead the tribute to one of the most beloved and influential comic book legends of all time.

“SCREAM 2009” will also honor the godfather of the modern horror film, George Romero with this year’s Scream Mastermind Award.  This award is presented to a filmmaker whose unique vision of horror, science fiction and/or fantasy is both critically-acclaimed and culturally significant.   Romero, best known for his gruesome and satirical zombie masterpiece “Night Of The Living Dead” and its sequel “Dawn Of The Dead,” as well as the cult classic, “Creepshow,” will receive the honor previously presented to cinematic luminaries Wes Craven, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

“SCREAM 2009” will celebrate the year of the vampire and the phenomenal popularity of the “Twilight” saga with cast and World Premiere footage from the highly-anticipated “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”  In addition, fans will be treated to appearances from the cast and creators of “True Blood” including Alan Ball, Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgård, Sam Trammell, among others.  The celebration continues with a “Battlestar Galactica” cast reunion for a farewell tribute featuring Edward James Olmos, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, James Callis, Kate Vernon, Katee Sackhoff, Michael Trucco, Tahmoh Penikett and executive producer David Eick.

“SCREAM 2009” will present awards in 16 different categories.  J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi action-adventure “Star Trek” tops the “SCREAM 2009” list with 17 nominations including the categories of The Ultimate Scream, Best Science Fiction Movie, Best Director, Best Ensemble, Holy Sh*t Scene-of-the-Year and a nod in the all-new Fight Scene-of-the-Year category.  Comic book-inspired blockbusters “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Watchmen” each nabbed 13 nominations, big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s best selling novel “Twilight” received 10 nominations, while HBO’s vampire-themed television series “True Blood” garnered nine nominations.  Fans can log onto until Saturday, October 17 to vote for their favorites.

The official sponsors of Spike TV’s “SCREAM 2009” are Taco Bell, Subaru, Geico and Free Credit

Casey Patterson, Michael Levitt and Cindy Levitt serve as executive producers for “SCREAM 2009.”  Greg Sills is supervising producer, Gary Tellalian and Austin Reading are producers and Hamish Hamilton will direct.

Spike TV is available in 98 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks.  A unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), MTV Networks is one of the world’s leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. Spike TV’s Internet address is and for up-to-the-minute and archival press information and photographs, visit Spike TV’s press site at

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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (OCTOBER 7, 2009) — John Brooks, in conjunction with Battlestar Wiki and the Galapagos Art Space, invite fans of Battlestar Galactica to an engaging panel discussion event in Brooklyn, New York.

The panel will be held on December 8, beginning at 8 PM. As a follow-up to August’s successful event at the Hi Christina! art gallery, this panel will be lead by John Brooks, and features Ajay Chaudhary, Patrick Di Justo, and Shane Froebel to discuss all aspects of the Syfy Channel series, Battlestar Galactica, and its forthcoming prequel companion series, Caprica.

Ajay Chaudhary is an instructor in Columbia University’s core curriculum program, teaching classic works of philosophy and religion to undergraduate students, and a PhD candidate at Columbia University’s Department of Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures, specializing in 20th century Iranian Islamic political philosophy, religious political philosophy and comparative philosophy. He also plays in the country band El Diablo Robotico, named after a slightly obscure reference from Angel: The Series.

John Brooks is a seasoned fiction writer, pop culture journalist and essayist whose work has appeared in various pockets of the internet and print publications. He graduated from Ithaca College with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religious studies, which he now puts to good use as museum educator at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, where he leads programs on medieval history, classical architecture, and comparative religion.

Patrick Di Justo is the author of the forthcoming “The Science of Battlestar Galactica”, which he wrote in close conjunction with the creative team behind the groundbreaking series.  Patrick is a contributing editor to Wired Magazine and his work has appeared in Popular Science, Scientific American and The New York Times.  He once accidentally gave a long lecture at the Haydn Planetarium at New York’s American Museum of Natural History and, due to legal reasons, cannot tell you how the FTL drive works.

Shane Froebel is an administrator for the absurdly thorough Battlestar Wiki and the Chief Information Officer for FrakMedia! in addition to holding a self-accredited PhD in geekology.  Shane studied information technology and politics at Curry College.

The Galapagos Art Space is located on 16 Main Street in Brooklyn, New York at the corner of Water Street in DUMBO. Admission to the event is $10 per person.

Facebook users may confirm their attendance to this event by going to:

Updates will be made at the Battlestar Wiki blog at:


Contact Information

John Brooks

Joe Beaudoin Jr.

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A bit late, but better late than never…. Here are some recaps of the BSG panel that happened in Brooklyn in August.

There’s another panel scheduled for November 4th, this time at the Galapagos Art Studio in Brooklyn with the same participants as the Hi Christina! BSG panel—and hopefully a larger panel with some BSG alumni. More to come!

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Acclaimed BATTLESTAR GALACTICA composer Bear McCreary signs his recently-released 2-CD SET, “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SEASON 4”

CABIN FEVER/HOSTEL 1&2 composer Nathan Barr will also be in attendance, signing copies of his score to the hit HBO series “TRUE BLOOD”

4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505
Sunday,  September 13, 2009, 2pm

La-La Land Records and Dark Delicacies invite you to meet, and get your CDs autographed by, composer Bear McCreary.

Bear will be signing copies of his newest soundtrack release… the 2-CD SET, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SEASON 4.  In addition to his BSG releases, Bear McCreary has supplied the music for TV’s EUREKA, CAPRICA, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and the horror features REST STOP: DON’T LOOK BACK and WRONG TURN 2.

Bear will sign more than one item, but one of the items must be one of his soundtrack CDs purchased at Dark Delicacies.  CDs are available now at Dark Delicacies and will also be available for purchase at the signing.

Also signing at this event – composer Nathan Barr (CABIN FEVER, HOSTEL 1&2) will be autographing copies of his new TRUE BLOOD soundtrack release.

Can’t make the signing, but still would like to get autographed CDs?  You can order CDs from Dark Delicacies to be autographed and sent to you!  Check out their website for details!

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Here’s an interesting review of the wiki that I’ve stumbled across in my vanity searches on Battlestar Wiki. Yes, I occasionally do these to see what people have to say about us, in the event they can’t say about us to us directly.

There are some minor inconsistencies with some of the facts presented in the review, most notably the launch date and the fact that we did (past tense) the raffle. We may start that up again, depending on how things go in the future.

By Joe Beaudoin Jr. | Posted on August 17, 2009 at 11:48 pm |
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Vero Beach, FL — August 18, 2009 — BATTLESTAR WIKI, the online reference material and episode guide for all of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA sagas and their spinoffs, will have Shane Froebel represent the website at a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA panel in Brooklyn, New York.

The BATTLESTAR panel, which will be held at the Hi Christina art space in Brooklyn, will be part of a night of BATTLESTAR fun and activities. As part of these activities that include Cylon Arm Wrestling, Gaius Inner-Monologue Karaoke, and “Frak, What’s My Line!?” improv, the BSG panel will be lead by John Brooks. Brooks will be joined with his two special guests, a philosophy/religion teacher from Columbia University and Shane Froebel, the Wiki administrator, editor and IT specialist who oversees the Wiki’s technical assets.

The event begins at 6 PM ET on Sunday, August 30, with the panel beginning at 8 PM ET. The panel will run anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

For this event, there is a small cover charge of $5 per person, which goes to support the art house and its worthwhile endeavors.

“We’re very excited to be able to partake in this event,” said Joe Beaudoin Jr., Project Leader of the Battlestar Wiki. “It’s a wonderful feeling to have one of our own hard-working editors and contributors represent the Wiki at a public gathering and retrospective of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. To be able to have Shane attend such an event in a great city like Brooklyn is a testament to the trust and hard work that fans have put into the Wiki, since our launch in February 2005.”

The night will be wrapped up with Sacred Scrolls Trivia and prizes that shall include stogies, eye patches (for the Colonel Tigh in all of us), and more!

Stay tuned to Battlestar Wiki (, its blog ( and its Twitter feed ( for information and updates.

Hi Christina is an art gallery and venue located at: 632 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Hi Christina is near the L train at Lorimer. Its official website is:


Contact Information

Joe Beaudoin Jr.