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For those of you who visit SyFy Portal, our fellow webmasters (and Battlestar Galactica fans) are doing a survey on how to better their website.

I would likely not mention this except their questions mention us (in a good way)! So if you visit SyFy Portal and want to help change that site (for the better!) to meet your own viewing habits, then please participate here!

Also, I want to point out that I’ve been seriously considering performing a survey on our own viewership, and in light of SyFy Portal’s quest to get feedback via surveys, we may do the same here at the Battlestar Wiki!

So say we all! Keep the faith!

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I’ve known about the following article for roughly two to three weeks now (time gets warped during the Holidays, so I’m not going to be committal here), but it’s an article on the Battlestar Wiki and Wiki Frakr written by Sarah Toton. You can read the article here.

As long-time visitors to the Wiki know, Toton previously gave a presentation on the Battlestar Wiki at MIT5 which caused a stir, resulting in pretty interesting feedback, at least in my view.

Anyway, I’ll post my reactions to it in the coming days, probably after Christmas. Maybe sooner. (Again, I’m not being committal here, with this time being the holidays.)

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to discuss the article either here, there, or at the Battlestar Forum.

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We were mentioned in the Press-Telegram of Long Beach, California, which itself was picked up by Wired.


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Attention fan fic writers and fan content creators! Our sponsors at FanLib have created a new contest to celebrate the release of “[[Razor]]” on [[Razor (Region 1 DVD)|DVD]]!

Basically, submit a piece of fan fiction (whether written or filmed) based on the mission statement provided on the contest page, and be eligible to win one of many excellent prizes, including a HD-DVD player, DVD box sets of the series — and one lucky grand prize winner will receive an one-of-a-kind convention poster signed by [[Jamie Bamber]], [[Katee Sackhoff]], [[Kate Vernon]] and [[Tahmoh Penikett]].

FanLib “Razor” Promotion

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For those Galactipedians (or fans) who support the strike, I’ve received the following news-bit from

How would you like to go to a hockey game with [[Galen Tyrol|the Chief]]?

That’s right, our own [[Aaron Douglas]] will take one fan to a Canucks hockey game, along with another buddy of his up in Vancouver.  And how can you score this treat?  Simple.  By going to and buying as many boxes of pencils as you can.  On the first page (which is a subset of United Hollywood) you’ll see a place to identify which show you’re supporting.  Type in “BSG Aaron Douglas” and we’ll enter your name into a raffle, with the lucky winner getting to attend the hockey game with Aaron.

In case you haven’t heard, the Pencils Campaign is designed to send a huge amount of pencils to the major studios as a symbol of fan support for the strike.  More information can be found on their website.

Look for other offers from other members of the Galactica cast in the near future — no idea what the offers will be or how many there may be.  I’ll keep you informed.

Please note that Battlestar Wiki is neutral with regard to the strike, so please do not put our name on the pencils. Please put the show name or “BSG Aaron Douglas” on the pencil. Thank you!

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I have a friend looking for a Flash animator to do some web work. I really can’t get into specifics, other than to say that he is looking for someone who has a strong work ethic, strong communication skills, and is versed in Adobe/Macromedia Flash. This is an unpaid job assignment seeing as the work is pro bono, but it is Battlestar/science fiction related and it is for a large website with excellent visibility. It’s more of a resume builder job.

So if you are interested, please e-mail me a cover letter with your qualifications and samples of your work, and I’ll send them to the appropriate party.

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A pet project of mine is to promote the wiki via word of mouth. A beautiful way to do that is to add links to the Internet Movie Database.

I’ve started doing this with the character pages… yes, IMDb now has pages on characters. For instance, this is the page for [[D'anna Biers]]. As you can see in the biography section, I’ve added a link leading back to Battlestar Wiki.

In addition, IMDb supports external links to websites. A beautiful way to do this is to find each individual IMDb page for each Battlestar episode (regardless of series) and submit an update with a link leading back to Battlestar Wiki.

For instance, an external link to [[Occupation]] would be filed under “miscellaneous links”, with the link to that page on the wiki (, and a description like “Battlestar Wiki – Occupation”.

Of course, it isn’t all selfish. In fact, in my Battlestar Wiki “pimping” drive, I’ve gone through and submitted various corrections as well in terms of adding actors, correcting character names (Sarah Parker to [[Sarah Porter]] for instance), and other good stuff. Which is good, because IMDb (for better or for worse) is used by a lot of people, and everyone ultimately benefits from polishing up IMDb.

Although, I do have to point out that IMDb and Battlestar Wiki don’t have the same licensing scheme, so a simple copy and paste job should never be done at all!

So instead of me (or just one or three people) doing these updates, feel free to join in!

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To follow up on my previous blog post, I found out that we were also featured amongst the top 10 Battlestar Galactica fansites on the internet according to Zack Barangan of AOL.

We rank in at number 8 and here’s what was written about us:

Most Comprehensive: This Wiki has the answers to all of your ‘Battlestar’ questions. Compiled through tireless research and dedication to the series, this ‘BSG’ encyclopedia boasts an A-Z listing for terms from both the original series and the reimagined one. From Adama to Zephyr, if it happend in the ‘Galactica’ universe, you’ll find reference to it here.

Read all about it and see what other websites made the cut!

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Calling all contributors and visitors to both the Battlestar Wiki and Battlestar Forum.

We’re looking to open up the floor for you guys to post your picks for the best products available online! Be it books, movies, music, electronics or even apparel, we’re looking for people to list what their top picks are for products from any categories listed on!

Now why is the reason for this?

Basically, we want to add personality to the Amazon aStores. Right now all they list is, well, Battlestar stuff. Frankly, we know there’s more to life than Battlestar — and the Playboy issue of Tricia Helfer! w00t! — so, anyway, we want to add variety, because that’s the spice of life!  To do that, we want to create sections for contributors top picks and visitor top picks. They will, of course, be sub-categorized from there (a section for books, another for movies, another for TV, etc.)

What I need from you guys is simply give me a list of Top 5 or Top 10 items you like. Feel free to be as inventive as you’d like. So provide a list either as a response to this blog post, or at the Battlestar Forum thread here.

Oh, and if you have an ListMania list, that’s even better, because we can simply integrate that into the aStores as well. Just give us a link to it!

So again, what I need are two things:

  1. Your top 5 or 10 pics for Amazon US or UK products. Or the ListMania link!
  2. Also please note whether or not you’re a contributor to the Wiki. If you contribute to the wiki, provide your user name so we can attribute you. ;-)

Looking forward to what you guys like! Maybe it’ll even spur some more conversation.

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The Battlestar Wiki is briefly mentioned in Whitney Matheson’s “Pop Candy” USA Today blog, where she replied to questions in her mailbag.