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We are now listed on Wiki1001, a beta version of a website that lists all wiki sites that are available online.

Check it out and cast a vote, if you’d like.

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MSDN blogger “oldnewthing” noted the existence of Wikis and their spoof sites. Among them are Battlestar Wiki and Wiki Frakr.

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A quick reminder. My appearance on SyFy Radio will be this Wednesday. The show starts at 10 P.M. Eastern Time and my appearance will be starting around 10:20 to 10:25 P.M., once Mike Hinman reads through his scripted material.

I’ll be there anywhere from 20 minutes to the whole show, depending on how many people start calling in and give us stuff to talk about. The main topics of discussion will be Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth and final season, and I’ll also be talking a bit about Galacticruise. (And for all those people on the fence, I must stress that you really need to get moving on this, since the deadline for booking cabins and event payments is July 1st!)

The show will be streaming live from BlogTalkRadio’s website for SyFy Radio, which is here. The call-in number is (646) 200-3642.

Also, SyFy Radio has a chat room running in concert with the live show, so if you don’t like hearing your voice (or if your voice brings doom upon all mankind… kidding… seriously, I hope I’m kidding!), then you can send us questions via the chat room. Or discuss the content of our show there as well.

So remember: this Wednesday at 10 P.M., click here, and listen to the show. Call into the show by dialing (646) 200-3642.

We’d better see you there, or else [[William Adama|the Old Man]]’s gonna beat your ass with a [[flashlight]].

Update: [[User:Catrope|Catrope]] brought up a good point… Those if you in way different time zones (such as those in Europe) will probably be asleep during the broadcast. So, to address the issue of whether or not you people can hear the show as well, the answer is: “Yes, you can.” All the shows that are on SyFy Radio are archived for playback at a later date!

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In reaction to Assistant Professor Bob Rehak’s blog post on his website regarding J.K. Rowling’s lawsuit against Vander Ark and the publisher of the book version of the “Harry Potter Lexicon”, I wrote the following reply. As of this writing, you will not see it up on his website, since it has yet to be approved from its moderation queue, despite the fact that he responded to another post that supports his own position… which is visible on his website… Anyway, I want to post what I wrote here, in the hopes of discussing my thoughts on this issue and getting people’s thoughts on this.

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Yesterday out of the blue, a real life authorized author of a re-imagined series book, appeared on our forums. The author’s name is Jason T. Eberl (Under the name PhilosopherJedi) and he is the author of “Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There” and he contacted us so he can start a weekly discussion of philosophy questions regarding Battlestar episodes.

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Network World posted a funny article on networking in the Battlestar Galactica that credited us for its creation. Check it out here.

Further, we were linked multiple times in an article on New Yorker Magazine’s website. Check it out here.

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This is just in. Mike Hinman moved SyFy Radio to an earlier time slot, so my appearance on the 23rd will be around 10:25 P.M. Eastern Time. It will last about 20 minutes, if not longer depending on how things go.

I’ll be talking about the Wiki, Battlestar Galactica, and Galacticruise. Also, I’ll be taking your phone calls, if you really want to ask me questions or just chat with us.

So jump to SyFy Radio’s website before the show starts at 10 P.M. on April 23rd by going here.

Additionally, I must note that this a family-friendly show, so I do want (and need) to stress that there won’t be vulgarity or mudslinging. Not that I expect any rational and reasonable person to do those lurid things, but it needs to be said.

So say we all!

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For those of us keeping track, the Huffington Post recently interviewed [[Lucy Lawless]] ([[D'Anna Biers]] / [[Number Three]]) and, in the interview, a majority of the links lead back to Battlestar Wiki.

Thank you Michelle!

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Michael Hinman, the news coordinator and SyFy Portal Actual over at the superb SyFy Portal, has started an internet radio show called SyFy Radio. The show itself launches on April 2nd and people can listen to it both live and via the archives, should you not be able to listen live. The show runs every Wednesday at 11 P.M. Eastern/8 P.M. Pacific and runs for 90 minutes.

The beautiful thing about SyFy Radio is that people can call in or talk on their chat room during the show to bring up questions or discuss the show’s contents with fellow listeners. Plus, I’ve known Mike for a long time, and feel comfortable in going on his radio show. (I was offered to go on NPR, but turned them down because of time constraints — I’m by no means a morning person, people who know me know that I work in the wee hours of the night — and the fact that I was not comfortable with speaking on NPR.)

I will be on the show Wednesday, April 23rd. The show starts at 11 P.M. ET, as noted before, and my appearance will be around 11:25-11:30 P.M. I will be answering your questions, so feel free to participate. The topics of discussion will be Battlestar Galactica (Nah… Really?), Season Four, the Battlestar Wiki and Galacticruise. And anything you guys can bring up that’s on those topics.

The show will be streaming live from SyFy Portal’s BlogTalkRadio, which you may access from here.

Disclaimer moment: Do note that this is a family-friendly show, so no foul language, please, and no immature hi-jinks either. We may have fun on the show, but stupidity and high-school level immaturity will send you to a comfy cell in the [[New Caprica Detention Center]]. For food, I’m told they serve hardboiled eggs… or something similar.

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Battlestar Wiki is briefly mentioned in an article on the Fanthroplogy LiveJournal in an article entitled “FanLib: One Year Later“, which chronicles the development of FanLib, as well as issues that the LiveJournal/fan-fic fandom has had with FanLib.

There’s a brief error in the article that I’d like to correct, and it concerns how much FanLib actually pays us. While I’m not going into the exact numbers here, they essentially pay 1/6th of our hosting and technical costs per month. They don’t flip the whole bill.

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The word “wow!” is often overused in the English language, next to “cool!”, “yo!”, “dat s**t”, et al.

However, I feel like using it now, as it was my initial reaction to an article written by Mike Hinman at SyFy Portal. Simply put, I had neither expected it nor thought it was a subject worthy of discussion. Alas, I was wrong. :)

The article in question, “SyFriday: Living Life Out in the Open” , was written in reaction to my detailed blog entry regarding the buy-out offer from Wikia. (The links open in new windows, so have at them then tell us what you think either via the blog or on the Fourm.)

In the article, Mike reveals his initial reaction to reading the blog entry: “Sheesh, that’s an awful lot of information to be sharing … maybe it’s too much?” He briefly goes into a story about how he asked his webmaster friend whether or not I had revealed too much. Of course, as that webmaster told him, Mike does much the same thing himself on his site, SyFy Portal. I can attest to this, having known Mike for nearly eight years now (if not more, time flies!) , and have visited the website rather regularly since it was a seedling on GeoCities!

As Mike points out in the article, openness is a good thing. (At this point, I’m going to assume that you’ve read Mike’s article… and if not, please do so. It’s a quick read.) Now that you’ve read the article, you’re probably asking why transparency is of importance to me.

You see, transparency is important — actually, quintessential — because, as Mike very correctly points out in his article, it builds trust. It builds trust within the community, as well as between viewers and contributors to the Wiki. Without it, we would hardly be the resource we are today, for trust is an extremely difficult commodity to come by. All you need to do is look at the various problems with Wikipedia, both past and present, which stem from the lack of important transparency. Their present issues are gremlins that we have never faced because of our true openness, and the fact that we’re not struggling under our own weight.

Now, I’ll grant you that there’s no such thing as “full transparency”, because there have been people who’ve confided with me their issues regarding the Wiki. I hold their communications in the strictest confidence and, as a matter of both honor and of trust, I don’t spill my guts on those kind of things, for personal information is typically revealed in such communications.

Aside from that exception, in the case of Wikia and all the other issues we face together as a community, I’ll definitely always comment on them openly, even if it appears to put me at a disadvantage. This is because these are issues that affect the community and, in talking about such things, I hope to give you an inside view into the workings of how and why we do the things we do. The reason your fellow contributors and I go to the trouble to do this? It’s so very simple, but apparently so hard to accomplish.

To earn your trust.

And if we’ve done that, then I’m happy, for we’ve done the (seemingly) impossible and that’s made us mighty.

Thank you! :D

So say we all!

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I’ve found out today that both Battlestar Wiki and Battlestar Forum have been mentioned in an article by Virginia Heffernan. While the article’s subject is primarily about the failure of Friday Night Lights to become a franchise, it mentions both the Wiki and Forum in its text rather prominently as contrast between established franchises (like Lost and BSG) to FNL. Read the article here!