About Battlestar Wiki

A history of Battlestar Wiki at a glance:

The Battlestar Wiki began life early on     February 2005 by Joe Beaudoin Jr., who was inspired by both The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5 and Wikipedia. Like most wikis, Battlestar Wiki started off fairly slowly, with growing pains in terms of what the wiki should cover and how it should be covered. As season one ended in the U.S. and season 2 close, the Wiki began it’s first boom, ironing out all the issues and developing articles covering the episodes, the characters, and all the bells and whistles that were seen on the show.

The idea of a wiki is that it’s an encyclopedic resource and episode guide to the Battlestar Galactica sagas that anyone can add to. Obviously, there are standards in place and stringent guidelines to prevent misinformation (or fan created content, in the form of fanwanking, fanon or fan fiction) from creeping into the reference material. There are many contributors to this project who develop Battlestar Wiki in various ways: some write articles, add images and audio — while others copy edit and clean up the mess (see the venerable “Mop Boy” for what we’re talking about). Others are even content to code templates and work behind the scenes to make sure everything works as it should. Some even contribute money to the wiki in order to keep the effort going financially.

The goal of Battlestar Wiki is to be an ultimate resource for all things in the Battlestar Galactica canon, from the Original Series to its often scorned spinoff, to the revival efforts and onto the reimagined series itself. Everything in the Battlestar universe, from unique terms to character to episodes — and more — is covered and continually developed as more and more contributors add their talents into the wiki system.

What started off as an English-language only effort has spawned into additional language efforts, which is posted on the right hand side.

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