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If you’ve seen our previous blog post, you likely have a few questions as to what site we’re referring to, its objective, and other questions.

The site in question is Galactica Geek, and its objective is nothing less than going above and beyond other fan sites. Structured as a news magazine, Galactica Geek will not only provide news about Battlestar Galactica and its cast and crew, but also delve into both the source material and the fandom that it created. Not only does it aim to have interviews with cast and crew, but also provide insights into fan creativity… and that doesn’t mean fan fiction. It means art, prop replication, building your own uniform from the show and beyond.

It also means exploring the universe of Battlestar Galactica via social inquiry, and gives fans an outlet to express how the show changed their lives. Thus, Galactica Geek ranges from the serious issues that are presented in the show to the creative nature of BSG fans that the series tapped into.

For instance, one of Galactica Geek’s contributors learned to fly a helicopter because he was inspired by the Raptor pilots on the series.

Galactica Geek’s team consists of fans from all walks of life, including artists, professors, photographers, former members of the military — and, if you’re interested, Galactica Geek is always looking for people to contribute. Please note that everyone works for the site pro bono (although it would be nice for us to change that!), but the site is a great way to connect to the fandom, as content will be linked and shared with various websites including Battlestar Wiki,, and more!

While Galactica Geek only has a teaser page at present, you can also find them on both Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions or comments, post them in the comments section below. If you want to contribute, send Galactica Geek an e-mail at wireless[at]galacticageek[dot]com.

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  • Auctor Ignotus

    Given how bad the later seasons of RDM’s BSG turned out, and how you guys have been openly disgusted with it and Caprica….why are you going to devote so much time and effort to a new fansite based on following it around?  The show peaked at the season 2 finale.

    This is a fan encyclopedia, based on keeping the facts organized.  Your “Notes” and “Analysis” sections are filled with examples of how from season 3 onwards, RDM and the other writers threw continuity to the wind….and indeed, how retroactively, it turns out none of their running storyarcs ever really had a plan; making up the Final Five as they went along, making up Starbuck’s Destiny as they went along and killing her off for shock value, etc.  You guys of all people must have been disgusted with how they abandoned their own writing principles as the show went along.

    Why do you keep devoting so much time to it?  Its not worth being a fan of anymore.   Why would we care about news of what Ron Moore is working on next?

    …unless of course, you are more interested in “BSG” as a whole, and hope a future remake will do the concept differently?

  • Joe Beaudoin Jr.

    Hi Auctor,

    You raise some great questions. Speaking for myself as Project Leader, not everything in BSG added up to my expectations, and I have my issues with both BSG and Caprica. Actually, that’s just a fact of life with any book series, TV series, movie trilogy, or what have you: fans will ALWAYS have issues with SOMETHING in the show or franchise they follow.

    By and large, BSG and Caprica both had some of the best talent in the industry… talent that even outstrips what Star Trek brought to the table, in my opinion. Even if some of us didn’t like how BSG turned out, or were very disappointed with the creative mishandling Caprica from all parties (both at network level and at the show level, namely Jane Espenson), it still brought people together and they’ve run with it. There are people who still to this day cosplay BSG, are inspired by BSG to do things that they would never have done otherwise, collect BSG, and more.

    Touching base with fans and viewers for the past several years — including fans who just recently experienced the show via BBC America re-runs, Netflix, and DVD/blu-ray — there is a sense of community that the show fostered. Yes, it transcends BSG (although BSG is the common theme that pulled people together), however I’ve personally encountered the most thoughtful and creative fans through this community. The BSG fandom is still strong, and looking at the numbers the Wiki pulls — and the numbers Galactica Geek is pulling even now — people are still affected by the show years after the last episode aired! The wiki is still seen by nearly a quarter million people each month and, really, it excites me to know that people continue to have interest.

    I am utterly incapable of saying such things with the ever-divided Star Trek fandom, or even with Star Wars fandom(s) at this point. That’s because of people that, like myself, love BSG and the community it’s fostered… warts and all. There are people who don’t and will never like RDM’s BSG… that’s been that way from the initial word that there wouldn’t be a continuation of the original 1978 BSG. 

    However, Galactica Geek will cover the entire fandom (original through the re-imagined… and beyond), and the people who made it possible. That is the goal.

    And my personal vision for Galactica Geek celebrates that fandom. It celebrates the people who built small costumes for their kids, it celebrates people who hold charity auctions at conventions, the artistic, the thoughtful critical thinkers who reflect on how BSG brought a different perspective in the so-called “post-9/11 world”. Even the naysayers, too.

    And more.

    After all, if you really didn’t care all that much, why would you have even asked your questions in the first place?

  • Auctor Ignotus

    Oh let me be clear I didn’t mean to insult your effort;  its that I feel bad that you and the people updating fansites like this put so much time and energy into trying to keep the continuity and little facts straight, then in the later seasons the writers ignored all of this free work you did. 

    I mean this as self-despair, not directed criticism:  what’s the point of keeping a timeline chart if the writers retcon it repeatedly?  I.e. for “Hero” how David Eick just waved his hand and said “we checked the timeline” when they obviously didn’t, even casual fans were confused at that one.   Or how, as you mention, in Jane Espenson’s episodes characters will act drastically out of character.

    I like what you’ve said about staying in it for the fandom, and BSG is bigger than RDM, and I never blamed the cast or anything. 

    But it was sad how much the writers changed over time; quite literally, looking through your lists it seems that half the core writing staff left in the break between seasons 2 and 3, i.e. Toni Graphia and Carla Robinson (they fired all the female writers?  What is this, DC Comics?). 

    But sometimes its weird to just step back and see how much the first two
    seasons were…paying attention to their internal consistency and
    character development, and the last two seasons which felt like the
    “Voyager” effect of “churning out product like sausages”.  How RDM later
    said at the Paley Center that “its like Jazz, I was never even trying
    to be consistent nor did I ever now what the central plotlines were”. 

    Well, if your new project will keep us updated on “this is a new project Toni Graphia is working on” (i.e. Locke & Key), godspeed.