By Joe Beaudoin Jr. | Posted on May 12, 2010 at 1:30 pm |
Posted in Category: Announcements, Tips and Tricks

A quick note to let our fine visitors know that we’ve deployed Lightbox across the Wikis, meaning that whenever you now click on a thumbnail or an image gallery on any of our articles, you’ll see the larger version super-imposed over the wiki page, instead of being jumped to the image description page. (As you can see in the screen shot below.)

See full-sized pictures without leaving the article!

Since we’re rolling this out for the first time, we do expect there to be some minor issues. During my testing, I ran into a few but those were corrected (with the exception of one really minor one), so please feel free to notify us on any bugs you come across!

Note: Some images on the wiki are quite large (some are several megabytes) and therefore there may be some load time issues depending on your connection. Also, any images that are dimensionally larger than your screen will not fit to your screen, but I’m investigating a fix on that.

Update: For any resolutions of 1200 x 800 or higher, I’ve optimized the light box to work on down-scaling images so that they are not larger than your screen. That said, this will not increase the size of original photos that are smaller, as this would only cause pixelation and other distortions to the image.

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