By Joe Beaudoin Jr. | Posted on August 23, 2009 at 12:20 am |
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Here’s an interesting review of the wiki that I’ve stumbled across in my vanity searches on Battlestar Wiki. Yes, I occasionally do these to see what people have to say about us, in the event they can’t say about us to us directly.

There are some minor inconsistencies with some of the facts presented in the review, most notably the launch date and the fact that we did (past tense) the raffle. We may start that up again, depending on how things go in the future.

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  • Jonathan

    I read the review but wasn’t all that thrilled by it. Too many errors and inaccurate information. The formatting was also quite poor.

    It is nice for the wiki to receive exposure but I’d almost prefer no press instead of poorly crafted press.

    Maybe if the reviewer fixes the errors it’ll be nicer. Right now I think it reflects poorly on the reviewer and on us.

  • Joe Beaudoin Jr.

    Agreed, the review was inferior, but I give points for the attempt made anyway.

    I do, more than less, agree that I’d prefer no press to poorly crafted press. Still, call my previous statement charity.

    Or not. ;-)