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Here’s an interesting review of the wiki that I’ve stumbled across in my vanity searches on Battlestar Wiki. Yes, I occasionally do these to see what people have to say about us, in the event they can’t say about us to us directly.

There are some minor inconsistencies with some of the facts presented in the review, most notably the launch date and the fact that we did (past tense) the raffle. We may start that up again, depending on how things go in the future.

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Vero Beach, FL — August 18, 2009 — BATTLESTAR WIKI, the online reference material and episode guide for all of the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA sagas and their spinoffs, will have Shane Froebel represent the website at a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA panel in Brooklyn, New York.

The BATTLESTAR panel, which will be held at the Hi Christina art space in Brooklyn, will be part of a night of BATTLESTAR fun and activities. As part of these activities that include Cylon Arm Wrestling, Gaius Inner-Monologue Karaoke, and “Frak, What’s My Line!?” improv, the BSG panel will be lead by John Brooks. Brooks will be joined with his two special guests, a philosophy/religion teacher from Columbia University and Shane Froebel, the Wiki administrator, editor and IT specialist who oversees the Wiki’s technical assets.

The event begins at 6 PM ET on Sunday, August 30, with the panel beginning at 8 PM ET. The panel will run anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

For this event, there is a small cover charge of $5 per person, which goes to support the art house and its worthwhile endeavors.

“We’re very excited to be able to partake in this event,” said Joe Beaudoin Jr., Project Leader of the Battlestar Wiki. “It’s a wonderful feeling to have one of our own hard-working editors and contributors represent the Wiki at a public gathering and retrospective of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. To be able to have Shane attend such an event in a great city like Brooklyn is a testament to the trust and hard work that fans have put into the Wiki, since our launch in February 2005.”

The night will be wrapped up with Sacred Scrolls Trivia and prizes that shall include stogies, eye patches (for the Colonel Tigh in all of us), and more!

Stay tuned to Battlestar Wiki (, its blog ( and its Twitter feed ( for information and updates.

Hi Christina is an art gallery and venue located at: 632 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Hi Christina is near the L train at Lorimer. Its official website is:


Contact Information

Joe Beaudoin Jr.

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In an attempt to keep up with the financial needs of Battlestar Wiki, I’ve decided to integrate Kontera in-line advertisements into the website. Some of you may have noticed them today.

If you visit IGN or other sites, like Airlock Alpha, you’ll note the use of such ads “in-line” with the text. The links are highlighted in a different color (an orange), rather than the yellow or red links of the default style sheet.

Undoubtedly, some of you might find them annoying. Sadly, I find them necessary in order to further secure the Wiki’s financial health for the interim.

For right now, the Kontera service is merely being tested. We don’t know what to expect in terms of revenue from this service, and will not probably know for a few months. If we run across any problems, we’ll shelve it.

Should you find them annoying, I do recommend buying a membership to the wiki (and to our Battlestar Forum). It’s all done through PayPal, so we don’t receive any of your financial information—just whatever money you choose to donate to us. By donating, you’ll be added as a member, and when logged in you will not be bothered with any advertisements! Once you’ve donated, make sure to e-mail with your user name on either (or both) the Wiki and our Forums, so we know who to apply the membership to on our end. ;-)

Thanks for your understanding, all! Feel free to comment here on the blog, via e-mail, or via the Fourm. I won’t throw you in hack.

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For those wondering why the Wiki was in its “up-and-down” mode on Saturday—no, you didn’t miss the airing of a new episode of BSG. (The show’s still over, last we checked, sans “The Plan.”) It was merely Super Agent Shane working diligently on our Apollo server, upgrading it with the newest security patches, releases of PHP, MediaWiki extensions… and all that wonderful good stuff that you probably don’t really care about.

However, just to let you know, the only major change you’re likely to see is the sidebars are all uniform now. That is because the dynamic sidebar extension we were using, SidebarEx, presently no longer functions under the current MW installation we have.

Everything else works fine. (At least we believe so, anyway. If you disagree, just shoot us an e-mail letting us know of any issues you’re having!)

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Battlestar Wiki now has a Tumblr blog. Yes, we know, why the frak are we doing that for?

Well, it’s a means of sharing BSG/Caprica/Galactica 1980 news, content, and all sorts of media to people on a pre-existing service. Stuff that we really don’t want to cover on the Battlestar Wiki blog, since the blog itself is meant for more “serious” business. It also allows other people on the Tumblr network to share our stuff, because we’re all into that Web 2.0 viral felgercarb.

Also, we’ll likely allow people to post their own BSG related stuff on there, as so long as it keeps in line with our ultimate objective: to cover everything canonical and official in the BSG universes.

If you’re interested in helping out, please e-mail us here.