By Joe Beaudoin Jr. | Posted on March 30, 2008 at 8:39 am |


Michael Hinman, the news coordinator and SyFy Portal Actual over at the superb SyFy Portal, has started an internet radio show called SyFy Radio. The show itself launches on April 2nd and people can listen to it both live and via the archives, should you not be able to listen live. The show runs every Wednesday at 11 P.M. Eastern/8 P.M. Pacific and runs for 90 minutes.

The beautiful thing about SyFy Radio is that people can call in or talk on their chat room during the show to bring up questions or discuss the show’s contents with fellow listeners. Plus, I’ve known Mike for a long time, and feel comfortable in going on his radio show. (I was offered to go on NPR, but turned them down because of time constraints — I’m by no means a morning person, people who know me know that I work in the wee hours of the night — and the fact that I was not comfortable with speaking on NPR.)

I will be on the show Wednesday, April 23rd. The show starts at 11 P.M. ET, as noted before, and my appearance will be around 11:25-11:30 P.M. I will be answering your questions, so feel free to participate. The topics of discussion will be Battlestar Galactica (Nah… Really?), Season Four, the Battlestar Wiki and Galacticruise. And anything you guys can bring up that’s on those topics.

The show will be streaming live from SyFy Portal’s BlogTalkRadio, which you may access from here.

Disclaimer moment: Do note that this is a family-friendly show, so no foul language, please, and no immature hi-jinks either. We may have fun on the show, but stupidity and high-school level immaturity will send you to a comfy cell in the [[New Caprica Detention Center]]. For food, I’m told they serve hardboiled eggs… or something similar.

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  • Catrope

    A family-friendly show at 11PM …?

    Too bad it’s that late, 5AM for me.

  • Joe Beaudoin Jr.

    Well, the show will be available for replay at any time, so kids can come to the thing and play it. I think that’s what Hinman’s really concerned about.

  • Catrope

    Ah OK, be sure to post the link somewhere. I also just thought of the fact the West Coast is three hours behind (so it’ll be 8PM there).